Job Center open for EPA staff being ousted by Trump

The EPA Alumni Association has created an on-line job center to help EPA staffers find new work 

On Monday, August 6, the Trump Administration begins its assault on EPA staffing. This Administration plans to eliminate more than 3000 jobs – in an agency with only 15,000 employees.  The pink slips start flowing with folks who will be asked to retire early. 

Many of the EPA staffers who will be forced out have families to support – kids in school, college tuition to pay, elders to care for – and they must look for other jobs.  Some of us have been here before, back in the dark days of the Reagan/Gorsuch era.

Please help us spread the word about this resource by sharing it with your networks and social media links. Here’s the EPA Alumni Association’s note about the new job center.

Alumni Respond to Trump staff cuts at EPA

As a response to President Trump’s anticipated staff cuts at EPA, the EPA Alumni Association has opened a Job Center to help current EPA Employees, some of whose employment may be disrupted in mid career, to find a new job. 

“We are not encouraging our former colleagues at EPA to leave the Agency. However, if they do decide to  leave, or have that decision forced on them, we want to  help them find another good job, hopefully in the environmental field,” Chuck Elkins, Executive Director of the Association said.

The new online Job Center provides a list of job opportunities that have been posted specifically for people with prior EPA experience as well as links compiled by alumni volunteers for over 1000 other environmentally related job banks across the  country. The Association has also asked its 1500 members to act as a national network to help connect EPA job seekers with job opportunities that may not be widely advertised.

Employers are encouraged to list their job opportunities at the Center free of charge.

The Center is intended to assist job seekers who are current EPA employees or are EPA Alumni Association members. 

The Job Center is located at

For more information, contact Chuck Elkins, the  Association’s Executive Director at 202-686- 3518 or by email @

The EPA Alumni Association is a network of 1500+ members around the country, representing over 31,000 years of service at EPA. Visit the Association’s website at 

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